Shipwell Partners with Marex Services to Expand Shipwell’s Managed Transportation Services Offerings

AUSTIN, Texas - Shipwell, a leading provider of transportation management and visibility solutions, today announced the expansion of its Managed Transportation Services (MTS) business through the addition of a partnership with Marex Services. MTS provided though Marex will encompass a broad landscape of functions leveraging the Shipwell TMS platform, including shipment planning and optimization, load building and tendering, appointment scheduling, rate procurement and negotiation, track and trace, freight settlement, and performance analytics and reporting. As the needs of a customer’s business fluctuate and expand, the MTS program is able to expand along with it, providing tech-enabled business process outsourcing that is flexible, scalable, and portable.

“There was a large degree of variance in carrier bids on each lane, and Shipwell made it easy to compare those bids and award new contracts based on price and other factors”

Dan Sweet, Transportation Manager at Mighty Swell Spiked Seltezer

"Many shippers realize it is imperative to adopt advanced transportation planning, execution, and visibility technology to reduce their supply chain costs and provide better services. Shippers of all sizes can benefit from the additional expertise and headcount Marex offers to deploy and run a TMS system," said Shipwell CEO and Cofounder, Greg Price. "With the expansion of our managed services offerings though partners such as Marex, we are offering our customers additional operational planning capabilities in an elastic outsourced services model. We are especially thrilled to partner with Marex given their specific knowledge and experience. Without commitment and risk, Marex provides those who need it a tremendous boost in industry expertise right out the gate to those who need it."

"We are honored to collaborate with Shipwell, one of the most dynamic and intuitive TMS platforms we have encountered in the industry," said Dom Peré, Founder and CEO of Marex Services. "Our leadership team brings over 70 years of relevant industry experience in transportation management, project logistics, trucking, maritime, and technology. We're led by transportation industry veterans with domestic and international experience, having successfully founded, operated, and sold companies in this space.” Marex provides managed transportation services to industrial/heavy equipment/building products types of companies and provides additional services such as Freight Forwarding, Ocean, Drayage, etc.

Leveraging the MTS model, the shipper gains personal ownership and access to Shipwell’s TMS technology, data, analytics, guidance, and automation in order to enhance strategic operations while driving increased flexibility, transparency, and control. Shippers also maintain ownership of and complete visibility into transportation events and performance metrics, and retain complete control over their carrier partners, relationships, rates, and routing guides. What is compelling about this model is that it provides portability and elasticity as a shipper expands or contracts their needs for outsourced services.

For more information about our Managed Transportation Services, reach us at https://shipwell.com or https://marexservices.com.

About Marex Services

Marex is an end-to-end provider of technology-enabled supply chain management services. Founded in 2011, our firm is comprised of industry veterans with a combined 70+ years of experience in trucking, maritime, intermodal, and technology. Our managed transportation practice operates domestically and internationally servicing public and private shippers, with annual freight spends of greater than $500M. We have extensive experience working across a range of industries, and while we have a broad base of expertise, we specialize in Aerospace, Building Materials, Construction, Defense, Humanitarian, Industrial, Rental Equipment, Retail, and Energy sectors. To learn more, visit www.marexservices.com.

About Shipwell

At Shipwell, we empower supply chains with increased efficiency and service effectiveness at scale. We extend functional coverage and accessibility, including capabilities previously out of the technical reach and affordability of most shippers today. Indeed, our solution combines everything shippers need, from transportation management and visibility to procurement, in a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform, so shippers can effectively operate, manage, and optimize the entire process seamlessly. Many industry experts have recognized Shipwell's traction in the market and have differentiated Shipwell as a leader in the logistics industry, including Gartner, Food Logistics, FreightWaves, Deloitte, and Forbes. To learn more, visit www.shipwell.com.

Press Contact: Press@Shipwell.com

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