Shipwell TMS Solutions

Smart Solutions for Seamless Supply Chain Operations

Shipwell provides transportation management solutions and services that are intuitive, affordable, and value-generating for all sizes of businesses. Our intelligent solutions streamline operations, improve visibility and efficiency, and reduce costs for shippers. We aim to make our technology accessible to all shippers. By leveling the playing field, we empower shippers to succeed beyond their size and expectations.

Transforming Your Logistics Landscape

Shipwell TMS solutions stand as the comprehensive cornerstone of your logistics operations. This unified platform is the central hub where real-time visibility, proactive planning, and execution excellence converge to empower your logistics journey.

Centralized Planning

Experience all-in-one logistics planning designed to accelerate your ROI on every shipment and optimize across different transportation modes. Benefit from automated route optimization, strategic planning of constraints and rules, streamlined communication, and efficient shipment consolidation. Enhance your strategic planning capabilities for smoother, more effective logistics operations, determining the most suitable modes for your shipments' success.

Efficient Transportation Execution

Experience streamlined shipping execution tailored to your needs. Manage orders efficiently and prepare loads. seamlessly, and communicate effortlessly with carriers, 3PLs, logistics providers, and freight forwarders. Benefit from robust features such as spot rates for real-time pricing comparisons, and the swift ability to deploy shipments to chosen carriers or transportation modes. Streamline document handling, monitor events in real-time, and determine ETAs accurately to ensure smooth logistics operations.

Unmatched Visibility Enhancement

Empower your operations with responsive tracking for true end-to-end visibility. Benefit from enabled real-time visibility into shipping status for managing exceptions and gaining insight into the delivery timeline. Access visibility across multiple transportation modes, ensuring insights into carrier performance and transportation costs.

One Platform With Limitless Possibilities

A better kind of TMS platform designed for supply chain resilience, scale, adaptability, and ease of use, offering complete life cycle solutions for all shipping modes. Cloud-configurable and easy to use, control all your shipping with confidence while you keep full visibility to inbound and outbound loads, freight spend, and partner performance. Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for all logistics operations.

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Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-based, microservices-driven, API-centric, decentralized, event-driven, data-focused, and automated, driving scalability and innovation.

Intelligent Market Pricing

Market-pricing intelligence tools to plan and execute your multimodal, multi-stop, multi-carrier shipments without changing browser tabs.

Integrated Network

Pre-integrated with thousands of carriers, 3PLs, telematics, e- commerce, and industry-specific systems for fast time-to-value.

Native Mobile Support

Get full transportation visibility in your pocket with the Shipper Mobile App.

Complete Lifecycle Solutions for All Shipping Modes

Load Optimization

Unleash efficiency through optimized order consolidation. Shipwell Load Optimization tailors every order detail—size, weight, locations, pickup, and delivery times—into the most cost-efficient routes and modes, saving you time and money effortlessly.

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Optimize freight payment processes with Shipwell Settlement. Navigate payments with automated precision, managing invoice identification to payment reconciliation. This smooth process reduces bottlenecks and builds confidence in your financial records, empowering smoother operations.

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Pricing Intelligence

Gain insights to secure the best rates for your shipments. Shipwell Pricing Intelligence keeps you informed about current market trends and offers tools to optimize pricing strategies. Real-time spot rates, contract rate benchmarking, and easy integration make it a powerful resource to stay competitive.

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Access unparalleled control and visibility for your shipments, offering precise ETAs, real-time tracking, and streamlined incident management across multiple transportation modes like TL, LTL, IM, Drayage, Parcel, and ocean container/rail visibility. Manage exceptions, exchange documents, and predict ETAs conveniently from your mobile device, ensuring proactive decisions with weather and traffic overlays for a seamless logistics experience.

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RFP Automation

Scale your processes efficiently with Shipwell’s RFP Automation tool. Save time, select carriers effortlessly, and gain insights to avoid overpaying. This tool ensures efficient negotiations and bid comparisons, offering market insights for effective decision-making.

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Swifty AI Assistant

Automate logistics operations with Swifty, a powerful AI-powered assistant. Swifty streamlines order and shipment status requests by eliminating manual processes. It addresses unstructured inquiries, offering new order creation and shipment status updates with ease and efficiency.

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Dock Scheduling

Simplify appointment scheduling and maximize efficiency with dock scheduling. This solution optimizes facility capacity, enhances carrier relationships, and provides real-time visibility. It enables seamless coordination between shippers/receivers and carriers/truck drivers, promoting efficient communication and productivity.

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Advanced-Data Reporting

As your operational complexities continue to grow, the demand for detailed, multifaceted, and uniquely tailored performance metrics has intensified exponentially. Generic, one-size-fits-all reporting simply falls short, failing to provide the nuanced insights required for truly strategic, data-driven decision-making. Your business deserves better - you need a reporting solution that empowers you to unlock the full transformative potential of your supply chain data.

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All Modes

Shipwell TMS provides a comprehensive multimodal solution, enabling you to plan, rate, ship, and manage across all transportation modes, including parcel, truckload, LTL, VTL, bulk, rail, intermodal, and ocean. Automate order fulfillment, choose the best routes and carriers, tender shipments, and simplify freight audit and payment processes—all within one unified platform.

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The Right Business Fit, With More Value Add

Shipwell’s TMS platform stands out for its powerful combination of multimodal shipment planning and execution with real-time visibility for exception management, all on a scalable platform ready to simplify tomorrow’s growing logistics complexity.

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