Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Transportation Management System (TMS) and what does it do?

A TMS is a software solution designed to streamline and optimize transportation operations. It helps shippers plan, execute, and manage the movement of goods across various transportation modes while improving efficiency, visibility, and cost-effectiveness.

What are the key features and functionalities of your TMS?

Strategic freight sourcing, Procurement planning, Shipment planning, Load consolidation/optimization, Carrier tendering, Track-and-trace, Real-time visibility, Exception management, Carrier and broker communication, Responsive ETA projection, Freight pay, audit and settlement, and Performance analytics.

What types of transportation modes does Shipwell TMS support (e.g., trucking, rail, ocean, air)?

Shipwell TMS supports multiple transportation modes including trucking (both full truckload and less-than-truckload) and parcel, as well as rail and ocean visibility

How user-friendly is the Shipwell TMS interface, and is training provided for our staff?

The Shipwell TMS features a user-friendly interface, and training is available for staff to ensure effective utilization of the platform.

Can the Shipwell TMS help optimize our transportation routes and reduce costs?

Absolutely, the Shipwell TMS includes robust optimization features to streamline transportation routes and reduce costs for more efficient logistics operations.

Can the Shipwell TMS handle complex transportation requirements, such as multi-stop shipments or cross-border operations?

Yes, the Shipwell TMS is equipped to handle complex transportation requirements, including multi-stop shipments and cross-border operations, ensuring flexibility in logistics planning.

How does the pricing structure work, and what are the associated costs (e.g., licensing, implementation, ongoing support)?

For details on the pricing structure and associated costs, please contact Shipwell's sales team for a personalized consultation tailored to your specific requirements.

What is the cost?

For specific pricing information, please reach out to Shipwell's sales team for a customized quote based on your organization's needs and requirements.

Do I need a visibility platform and a TMS? Do I need both?

The Shipwell TMS includes visibility features, offering a comprehensive solution. Depending on your specific needs, Shipwell can guide you on whether both are necessary for your operations.

How can a TMS benefit my organization and improve our transportation operations?

A TMS can bring several benefits to your organization, including improved shipment visibility, enhanced route optimization, reduced transportation costs, streamlined carrier management, automated documentation, increased operational efficiency, better customer service, and data-driven decision-making.

Is the TMS cloud-based or on-premises? What are the advantages of each option?

We are a cloud-based, microservices-driven platform built on Rest API that integrates seamlessly with other systems to meet the growing demands of your shipping needs. A cloud-based TMS offers advantages such as easy accessibility, scalability, regular updates, reduced IT infrastructure requirements, and the ability to collaborate with partners and stakeholders in real-time. On-premises TMS provides greater control and customization options but requires more upfront investment and ongoing maintenance.

Can the Shipwell TMS integrate with our existing enterprise systems (e.g., ERP, WMS)?

Yes, Shipwell TMS is designed to integrate seamlessly with various enterprise systems, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Does the Shipwell TMS provide real-time visibility of shipments and tracking information?

Yes, the Shipwell TMS offers real-time visibility of shipments and comprehensive tracking information, enhancing transparency throughout the transportation process.

Does the Shipwell TMS offer freight procurement capabilities and support for rate management?

Yes, the Shipwell TMS provides freight procurement capabilities and supports rate management, enabling users to effectively manage and optimize their freight costs.

Does the Shipwell TMS provide automated documentation generation (e.g., bills of lading, shipping labels)?

Yes, the Shipwell TMS offers automated document generation, including bills of lading and shipping labels, streamlining paperwork processes for increased efficiency.

What level of customer support and technical assistance is available for the Shipwell TMS?

Shipwell provides robust customer support and technical assistance to ensure users receive prompt help and guidance for any queries or issues that may arise during platform usage.

Is the Shipwell TMS scalable to accommodate our future growth and changing needs?

Yes, the Shipwell TMS is scalable and designed to accommodate future growth and evolving needs, providing a flexible solution for businesses of various sizes.