Shipwell Leadership

Meet our leadership team and get to know the driving force behind Shipwell's success.

Greg Price

CEO & Co-founder

A builder at heart, Greg is an MIT graduate and an early developer of machine learning tech, and a Texas Longhorns fan with a passion for sustainability.

Jason Traff

President & Co-founder

An itinerant entrepreneur, Jason is an MIT graduate, chartered financial analyst, and wearer of many hats with a passion for scaling businesses.

Karen Sage


A true disruptor in the supply chain industry, Karen is a master of the pivot, and a voracious reader with a passion for driving real engagement in sustainability.

Charles Dickerson

VP of Engineering

An ex-NASA engineer, Charles is a coach and mentor, a volunteer for Texas Venture Labs, an advocate for justice reform, and a believer making work a passion..

Brad Hoffman

VP of Sales

An expert at matching challenges with solutions with 30 years of experience in the world of Supply Chain Execution (TMS, WMS, MES, Global Trade), Brad holds a passion for fostering strong, customer-centric organizations.

David Bianconi

VP of Prof. Services

A leader with first-hand experience at nearly every level of the supply chain, David is a Shuhari award winner and a volunteer coach with a passion for teamwork and collaboration.

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