Make Your Mark In Logistics: Refer A Shipper To Shipwell

Shipwell is at the forefront of redefining logistics with AI-driven solutions designed to optimize and predict, ensuring seamless operations across the globe. Your referrals are pivotal in our journey towards smarter supply chains and enhanced transportation management. By introducing shippers to Shipwell, you contribute to a future where efficiency and intelligence drive global logistics. Let's innovate and elevate the shipping industry together.

Why Should You Refer Someone To Shipwell?

Empower Your Network

Elevate the logistics capabilities of your professional circles by introducing them to Shipwell's state-of-the-art transportation management solutions. Witness firsthand how these advanced tools can revolutionize their business operations, driving unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Reward Yourself

In recognition of your valuable contribution, each successful referral will earn you exclusive rewards. It's our way of saying thank you for being an integral part of our growth and for believing in the transformative power of Shipwell.

Drive Meaningful Change

By recommending Shipwell, you're not just referring a service; you're championing a movement towards more sustainable, visible, and cost-efficient logistics practices. Your referral swill gain access to innovative solutions that enhance operational sustain ability, improve cost management, and deliver superior efficiency—reshaping the future of their logistics operations.

How It Works:

Identify Potential Referrals

Look for peers, colleagues, or acquaintances within your network actively searching for cutting-edge solutions to optimize their supply chain and transportation management processes. These individuals should have a genuine need for innovative logistics solutions that can drive significant improvements in their operations.

Initiate The Referral Process

Encourage these professionals to explore how Shipwell's advanced TMS platform, powered by AI and analytics, can transform their supply chain management. Offer to assist with any initial queries they might have, facilitating a smooth introduction to Shipwell's ecosystem.

Fill Out The Form To Let Shipwell Know You Have A Referral Or Contact

We will take you through the process of setting up an agreement and walk through the process and the rewards of making this happen.

Complete The Sign-Up

Guide your referral through the sales process, ensuring they successfully get answers to their questions about the Shipwell platform. This may include helping them navigate the platform's features or facilitating a connection with a Shipwell representative.

Claim Your Rewards

Once your referral has actively engaged with Shipwell sales team and has purchased the platform, you'll be eligible to receive your substantive rewards. These rewards are our way of expressing gratitude for your contribution to expanding the Shipwell community and helping others achieve logistical excellence.

Ready To Join Shipwell's Referral Program?

Join us in revolutionizing global transportation management and empowering shippers to succeed beyond their size and expectations. Sign up for our Referral Program today and be part of the journey to redefine logistics for shippers worldwide.

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