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The Shipwell Story

The Origin

Founded in 2016 by fellow MIT graduates Greg Price and Jason Traff, Shipwell was born from the recognition that supply chains needed to evolve to match the needs of a changing industry, and the desire to create a better experience for businesses and customers alike.

Prior to Shipwell, Greg was a consultant at McKinsey & Co where he leveraged advanced analytics and machine learning to solve crucial challenges facing Fortune 100 supply chains across CPG, Retail, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing. Jason co-founded and ran CopyCat Paintings, a global art reproduction company based in Shenzhen, China that employed over 1,000 artists and shipped to four continents.

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Starting Out Swimmingly

At its foundation in Austin back in July of 2016, you may have known Shipwell by a different name, but the spirit remained the same. With a strong focus on reinventing and disrupting the Over the Road (OTR) market space through agile and adaptable technology, OtterLogic set its sights on transforming the way we manage supply chains, and Swifty made his very first appearance.

With a focus on bringing agility to the OTR market through an adaptable and scalable platform, OtterLogic was born.

A Look Towards The Future

By 2017 it was clear that the company would quickly evolve to encompass more than OTR shipments. So while working to enhance and perfect the management of shipping modes like FTL, LTL and parcel would remain the primary focus at the time, the company would need a name that could evolve along with its offerings. And so, around the time that they moved their first shipment and just before opening the first office in downtown Austin, OtterLogic became Shipwell.

As the vision of what the ultimate supply chain solution would look like evolved, so to did OtterLogic evolve into Shipwell.

Rapid Expansion

2018 was a banner year for Shipwell. Just one year after moving that first shipment and the industry was already taking notice. First partnering with KeepTruckin, the #1-rated ELD solution by drivers, to enable accurate Hours of Service (HoS) and location tracking to the platform in April, and then enhancing those capabilities further by introducing another partnership with Teletrac Navman in May, Shipwell had started turning heads in the industry. With that attention came $12M in Series A funding in October, along with Best in Show recognition at MarketWaves18 for the time-saving and compliance-enhancing Automated Check Call feature just one month later.

With so much attention, Shipwell moved its headquarters to its current location on Congress Ave in 2018 to make room to grow.

Going Mobile

After introducing FedEx parcel and freight along with drayage support to the growing list of platform capabilities in early 2019, Shipwell knew that if they are looking to streamline supply chain operations at every level, they’d need to connect with one of the most vital links in the chain — the drivers. Shipwell’s first mobile app allowed dispatchers and owner-operators to access real-time location tracking and communicate with drivers, while also providing them with alerts when drivers were nearing a pickup or delivery location. This new capability instantly caught the attention of those in the industry, bringing Shipwell another $35M in Series B funding in October of that year.

A complete supply chain solution needs to encompass the complete supply chain, and so Shipwell’s first mobile app for drivers was released.

All Eyes On The Supply Chain

The year 2020 signified a massive shift across nearly every industry, and at the root of many of those changes sat the supply chain. With everything from the way we shop to the way we live and work being turned on its head, Shipwell responded quickly by shifting to a fully remote workforce and turned all focus to ensuring that companies would have the tools they needed to adapt to the new normal and continue their growth into the future. This focus on and devotion to their customers saw Shipwell’s client list grow year over year, earning rave reviews and seeing them placed for the first time on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for TMS and named among Forbes’ Next Billion Dollar Startups.

Growth Brings Innovation

By 2021, Shipwell had grown to employ 140 employees across the US and overseas, all working towards Shipwell’s vision of a fully connected supply chain. With so many committed to eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional processes, Shipwell’s technology quickly evolved. Releasing Pricing Intelligence and Compass Dashboard early in the year, Shipwell customers could now leverage real-time and predictive market insights to guide their pricing strategy, while leveraging AI and machine learning to manage and resolve shipping exceptions from one centralized platform. Later in the year also saw the release of Responsive ETAs for adaptive arrival estimates that factor in weather and traffic conditions, as well as continued recognition on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

The Present

Through both of their experiences, Greg and Jason noticed a universal problem — supply chains were being strained by the rise of e-commerce coupled with ever-increasing customer demand and expectations. Operations leaders had to use multiple tools to plan, execute and track performance. As a result, management of their supply chains was fragmented and decentralized which prevented holistic analysis as well as the ability to both scale and respond to rapid market changes. So they set out to change the way supply chains are managed.

Together they’ve focused Shipwell on providing a whole new kind of centralized shipping solution, designed to transform supply chains to be responsive and streamlined, no matter how fast a business grows or how unpredictable the shipping market becomes.

Swifty’s Story

Once upon a time, in the heart of a virtual town called Shipwell, there lived an otter named Swifty who was known for his exceptional problem-solving ability, software development acumen, communication and management skills, and his openness and willingness to help other animals in his community. Being bright pink, Swifty was well-respected and admired by his fellow animals in the forest.

One day, Swifty received a request from the other animals to help better manage shipping their food and habitat supplies. The animals were struggling to transport their supplies up and down the river in a timely manner, and the shipping process was taking too much time and effort away from more enjoyable activities like playing with their kids and working on strategic projects.

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