March 16, 2023

The Swifty Story

Once upon a time, in the heart of a virtual town called Shipwell, there lived an otter named Swifty. Swifty wasn't like the other otters, and not just because he was pink. 

He was well known by everyone around for his exceptional problem-solving ability, software development acumen, communication and management skills.

He was also open and willing to help other animals in his community. All of this meant that Swifty was well-respected and admired by his fellow animals in the forest.

One day, Swifty received a request from the other animals to help better manage shipping their food and habitat supplies. 

The animals were struggling to move their supplies up and down the river and the shipping process was taking too much time and effort away from the kind of things that they’d rather be doing, like playing with their kids and working on strategic projects. 

Swifty quickly sprang into action and treated the other animals as his customers, making their needs his top priority. He listened to their difficulties and issues with CURIOSITY, brought in other talented otters from the river to help, and together, they thought about how to overcome the animals' shipping challenges. 

From the beginning the Shipwellians worked collaboratively with a mantra of "CUSTOMER-FIRST." They adopted advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning and built a microservices, cloud-based architecture that was the envy of others. 

The team's passion for innovation and continual learning and growth was evident in everything they did, and they always sought to RAISE THE BAR by continuously innovating and producing better solutions.

As time passed by, the Shipwellian’s passion for innovation and continual learning and growth continued to be evident in everything they did. The world changed in many ways during these years and the Shipwell team needed to be very NIMBLE to meet the needs of these changes.

The Shipwellians worked in a welcoming and inclusive environment, where diversity was valued and open communication and teamwork were encouraged. TRUST AND RESPECT were at the heart of everything they did.

The team also were proud of their accomplishments. They took OWNERSHIP and accountability for their individual and collective results both big and small.

The Shipwellians still exist today, stronger than ever, and continue to inspire others with their passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence. They care deeply about the customers they serve, and their dedication and hard work earn them the appreciation of those they serve. 

Swifty the pink otter lives on and is used as a mascot to remind the Shipwellians of their core behaviors and values.

The core behaviors and values of every Shipwellian:


in continual learning, growth, and collaboration, plus a commitment to challenging the status quo and having fun!

Raising the bar

by continuously innovating products and services and being at the forefront of technological advancements. 

Trust and respect

for all through communication and actions, and by respecting the unique perspectives of employees and customers.


service that places the needs of the customer at the highest level to deliver exceptional products, services, and support. 


with quick communication and open collaboration, and a commitment to failing fast, improving faster, and getting things done.


of results through taking responsibility and accepting accountability to oneself, peers, and customers while building the future.

For more information on Shipwell's foundation and milestones, click here, or to speak to an expert about how our team can go to work on uncovering greater efficiency in your supply chain, reach out today.

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