April 25th, 2024

Shipwell Elevates Its Supply Chain Cloud TMS Platform with Sophisticated, Native Dock Scheduling Features

Enhancement Unifies Dock Scheduling and TMS for Unparalleled Operational Synergy and Efficiency

Austin, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - April 25, 2024) - Shipwell, a leading provider of cloud-based transportation management, visibility, and freight procurement solutions, today announced the addition of dock scheduling to its portfolio of Shipwell Supply Chain Cloud capabilities. The new dock scheduling capability is built natively within the Shipwell Transportation Management System (TMS) platform, enhancing possibilities for improved optimization, dock throughput, communication, and a more cohesive user experience. Shipwell distinguishes itself from others with this new release by how seamlessly the dock management capabilities interface with other elements of the TMS logistics and supply chain management processes.

Shippers and logistics providers have long struggled with fragmented dock scheduling solutions and processes burdened by complex communication, excessive spreadsheet dependencies, and other manual inefficiencies. These issues have resulted in unpredictable dock bottlenecks, underutilization, unmet service level agreements, strained relationships with carriers and truckers, and unnecessary delays and waste. Despite the transformative automation advancements in other areas of logistics, similar progress in dock operations has been slow. Worse yet, while there are a few point solutions on the market, often these point dock scheduling solutions lack even basic integration with essential management systems required for rudimentary coordination and basic efficiency.

Shipwell is the first to natively harmonize transportation management, dock scheduling, real-time visibility, and AI-driven insights into one unified, intelligent automation platform. "By integrating robust dock scheduling within our intelligent multi-modal TMS and visibility platform, we empower Shipwell customers to automate appointment setting, improve warehouse planning, and reduce labor costs," said Greg Price, Shipwell's co-founder and CEO. "Simply add your facilities, define capacity rules, and gain real-time insights into check-in and warehouse processes. Shipwell's comprehensive solution spans planning, execution, and mobile access, empowering companies to leverage APIs for appointment scheduling based on live facility availability."

Shipwell's innovative dock scheduling solution supercharges productivity through intelligent automation features:

  • Carrier Portal and Mobile Integration: Empower carriers and suppliers to book appointments 24/7, with the industry's most intuitive interface on web and mobile.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Streamline communication with all stakeholders - suppliers, carriers, warehouses, and dock workers - on a single platform with instant messaging.
  • Intelligent Scheduling: Define dock capacity and availability rules to prevent overbookings and ensure optimal resource allocation across facilities.
  • Customizable Rules: Tailor scheduling processes with custom load types, capacity rules, appointment lead times, and more to meet unique operational needs.
  • Integrated Data: Seamless integration with the Shipwell TMS, supplier portal, and other systems ensures consistent data across the supply chain.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Monitor dock schedules in real-time via mobile app or web with instant updates on changes and exceptions.
  • Live Updates: Make real-time edits to appointments and instantly track status changes for enhanced agility.
  • Visualization Tools: Interactive dock dashboard and calendar with color-coding, drag-and-drop, and more for effortless dock management.
  • API Integration: Leverage Shipwell's modern RESTful APIs to seamlessly integrate dock scheduling with existing systems (e.g., WMS).
  • AI-Powered Assistant: Utilize Swifty, Shipwell's conversational AI assistant, to quickly schedule appointments for shipments or purchase orders.

By converging robust dock scheduling natively into its intelligent multi-modal TMS, Shipwell removes the fragmented point solutions and tedious methods restraining today's dock operations.

"Dock scheduling has allowed us full visibility to the daily workflow and performance of our warehouse docks. This has allowed us to streamline labor requirements while also allowing us to track the efficiency of our team in turning carriers." Jeremy Forster, Director of Logistics | Airlite Plastics

Dock scheduling TMS unification propels tremendous multi-dimensional value for Shipwell and its customers:

  • Streamlines end-to-end dock operations and logistics workflows through unified automation
  • Reduces overhead costs by eliminating manual processes and maximizing facility/labor utilization
  • Enables granular real-time visibility, control, and agile response across the shipment lifecycle
  • Facilitates seamless collaboration and transparent communication across the supply chain
  • Elevates service levels to boost performance, margins, and carrier relationships

Ready to experience the power of an intelligent, unified logistics automation platform? See more at shipwell.com or contact us at sales@shipwell.com.

About Shipwell:

At Shipwell we empower supply chains with increased efficiency and service effectiveness at scale. We extend functional coverage and accessibility, including capabilities previously out of the technical reach and affordability of most shippers today. Indeed, our solution combines everything shippers need, from transportation management and visibility to procurement, in a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform so shippers can effectively operate, manage, and optimize the entire process seamlessly. Many industry experts have recognized Shipwell's traction in the market and have differentiated Shipwell as a leader in the logistics industry, including Gartner, Food Logistics, FreightWaves, Deloitte, and Forbes. To learn more, visit www.shipwell.com.

Karen Sage, Chief Marketing Officer
Phone Number: +1 415 601 6032

SOURCE: Shipwell Inc.

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