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Delivering fast-paced shipping amidst volatility

How Shipwell helped one of the country’s largest packaging solutions providers adapt to increased demand during one of the most disruptive periods for supply chains.

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The Customer

Premier Packaging is a critical link in the supply chain of thousands of businesses, including medical suppliers, the ecommerce sector, and manufacturers across many other industries. With them being one of the country’s most trusted vertically integrated manufacturers, distributors and creators of innovative packaging supply chain solutions, demand was booming during COVID-19. As a result, they needed to find a logistics partner with the tools they needed to keep up.

The Challenge

Increasing efficiency to meet high demand

Shipping three times their normal freight volume, existing manual processes used by their operations team couldn’t keep up while maintaining high customer service levels.

Providing uninterrupted service

As an integral part of the supply chain for many essential businesses, ensuring no customer would ever have to pause production due to a packaging shortage was a big priority.

Upleveling customer experience

Manually booking and tracking loads were making it difficult to proactively identify and communicate when issues arise, which was a barrier to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Dive deeper into the challenges that Premier Packaging was faced with and how Shipwell helped them to adapt to an increase in demand amidst disruption while ensuring uninterrupted service for their customers.

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The Solution

Broad carrier network support

Through Shipwell’s extensive integrated network and base of carriers, Premier Packaging was able to create online auctions that allowed them to quickly and easily discover and onboard carriers who meet their price, availability, reliability, and compliance requirements.

Powerful analytics and pricing intelligence

Using the Shipwell platform to explore rates, monitor historical lane performance, view benchmarking to similar shipments in the market and more, they are now able to quickly uncover their best options while boosting their negotiating power.

Visibility and exception management

Shipwell’s Compass Dashboard enables them to continuously monitor orders, proactively identify potential issues, and take action to correct them all on one screen, significantly boosting OTD and OTP rates as well as the customer experience.

Home Chef’s Success


Year over year carrier tracking compliance


Savings on monthly shipping costs


Minimizing the impact of disruptions in the supply chain is an important goal for every business — especially when dealing with critical supplies and equipment. Shipwell has made it possible for Premier Packaging to not only create effective shipping strategies and ensure issues are addressed quickly, but has also saved money with valuable performance and pricing insights, provided up-leveled customer service, and optimized workflows.

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“The auction process allows me to reach a much larger base of carriers and see all the bids at the same time. Not only does it save time, it saves us money in the end."
Premier Packging
“With the amount of trucks we have on the road right now and with the amount of freight that we're moving, just to be able to have it all organized in one place has helped the team, we've loved the visibility.”
Darryl Anderson
Premier Packaging

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Facing increased demand and looking for solutions to keep your supply chain on track as you scale? Schedule a demo today to discover how Shipwell can help you to deliver on time, every time.

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