Shipwell Case Study

Boosting efficiency while improving the customer experience

How Shipwell enabled the two man shipping team of a high profile global supplier of industrial equipment leverage automation to shave days of their week and deliver added benefits to both customers and across departments.

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The Customer

As a global leader in dry bulk and liquid storage systems with customers on six continents, this Shipwell user serves an extensive network of high profile projects worldwide. As such, delivering the best possible shipping experience has always been a high priority, but with a two man team for managing all outbound shipments, their manual processes needed an upgrade in order to streamline operations.

The Challenge

Addressing inefficiency in workflows

With a bidding system based on emails and spreadsheets, existing manual processes would take them two days to complete. They were looking for a TMS that would give them more time to focus on other important tasks.

Increasing visibility into shipment status

With little insight into the status of their on-time-delivery (OTD) and on-time-pickup (OTP) status and a reactive approach to exception management, addressing issues before they develop into costly disruptions was problematic.

Identifying new opportunities

Manual processes and a lack of reliable information was creating friction for other departments, making change difficult. Uncovering cross-department opportunities for improvement wasa top priority.

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Dive deeper into the challenges that our partner was faced with and how Shipwell helped them to improve efficiency and optimize workflows to save time and improve the customer experience.

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The Solution

Automated bidding process

Shipwell allowed for rapid and dramatic improvement to bidding efficiency. The ability to create loads, collect bids, select the best fit and instantly create a Bill of Lading took a previously days long process, reducing it to just 2 hours.

Real-time tracking and updates

Through Shipwell’s ELD integrations, they can now instantly see potential shipment issues and proactively address them immediately. This has allowed them to better share expectations with customers, and improve relationships.

Advanced data and analytics

With all information in one place, they are now quickly able to identify high and low performing lanes to identify pricing opportunities, while their sales team is able to better target potential customers and improve price estimates.

Home Chef’s Success


Reduction in time spent on shipment management


Efficiency in the shipping process is important for any business — and even more so when working with a smaller team. Shipwell’s platform makes it possible to not only greatly reduce the time it takes to complete shipments, but also gain valuable insights into performance and pricing to save money, provide better service, and optimize workflows.

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