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Home Chef expands while delivering $1m+ in savings through Shipwell TMS

Companies seek high ROI from a TMS. Freight costs, claims, accounting, efficiency all factor in, and Home Chef chose Shipwell.

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The Customer

Ranked #1 for customer service, Home Chef is one of America’s leading meal kit delivery services with distribution centers in four cities. Rapidly expanding and with a fifth distribution center opening soon, they needed a logistics partner to help them scale their business and maintain their excellent service record.

The Challenge

Improving organization across multiple lines of business

Home Chef handled retail sales, online orders, and supplier management with operations relying heavily on manual email searches that would often miss key details. Due to their complexity, Home Chef needed a centralized TMS that would improve the organization and accessibility of information.

Ensuring a consistent customer experience while expanding

With four distribution centers and another opening soon, Home Chef aimed to move away from scattered Google Docs and other processes that hindered growth. For this, they needed a partner capable of enhancing visibility, ensuring sustainability, and maintaining a seamless customer experience.

Improving relationships with carriers for more favorable rates

Due to changing nature of meal kit distribution, Home Chef depended on the spot market for 40% of their freight. This had made establishing strong carrier relationships vital for cost control, as well as ensuring reliable, timely pickup and delivery of their time-sensitive shipments.

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Dive deeper into the challenges that Home Chef faced, and how Shipwell helped them to improve efficiency and optimize workflows to reduce costs, save time, and improve the customer experience.

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The Solution

Customizable centralized dashboard makes organization easy

Shipwell’s customizable dashboard enhanced Home Chef’s transportation processes, making it easier to spot accounting errors, track hot shipments, and manage various shipment types. The instant report generation it enabled also provided valuable insights, enabling more efficient management of their multiple lines of business.

In-platform messaging streamlines communication

Shipwell’s in-platform messaging enhanced Home Chef’s communication by bringing all information to a single screen and allowing coordinators to know when and whom to contact with the push of a button, eliminating the need to search through various channels or emails and boosting coordination and efficiency across their entire business.

Powerful visibility capabilities boost shipment sustainability

Shipwell’s strong visibility enhanced Home Chef’s shipment sustainability through insights that allowed for rapid identification of optimization opportunities, like consolidating multiple orders and improving route efficiency. Leveraging visibility led to informed decisions and improved supply chain sustainability.

Home Chef’s Success


saved with rate visibility & market comparison


in savings through a single flagged accounting error

3 months

to full TMS implementation across four warehouses

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to put out on implementation day


Efficient organization in the shipping process is important for any growing business — even more so when managing complex operations across multiple lines of business. Shipwell not only brings all the processes involved in keeping shipments running smoothly to an easy-to-use centralized platform, but also provides easy access to crucial insights into financial processes, carrier performance, freight pricing, and more to deliver cost savings, enhanced service, and optimized workflows.

Is your business struggling to keep everything organized during its expansion and on the lookout for a solution capable of streamlining supply chain operations while uncovering opportunities for greater savings?

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