February 6, 2023

Will your business thrive without a transportation management system?

There is no doubt about how crucial transportation is to a business's success. Without aggregated data about a business’s supply chain, there is no way for managers to have the visibility needed to proactively plan and address issues before they arise. Businesses are continuously looking for ways to gain a competitive edge in order to meet and exceed customer expectations. Implementing a transportation management system (TMS), like Shipwell, is one way to save money, get in the modern age of transportation management technology, and gain overall better control of your supply chain and logistics operations.

A Transportation Management System is a software solution that helps companies plan, execute, and optimize their logistics operations. A TMS assists in all transportation activities, including the real-time location of goods whether inbound or outbound. TMS systems allow businesses to optimize physical freight movements while ensuring all shipments are compliant with proper documentation in place.

The best TMS for shippers is one that guarantees a seamless flow of goods through the supply chain for their business at the best cost, with minimal waste. This technology will effectively manage the production of goods from the source materials through delivery to consumers.

Why is a TMS important?

Adding to the challenge of timely deliveries is the rapid increase in consumer demand for e-commerce. In 2022, consumers were spending 18% more with a large portion of that going online, leaving the availability of services even tighter.

Infrastructure issues, weather-related disruptions, and increased hold times negatively impact timely deliveries. A TMS platform provides an opportunity to stay ahead of these types of delays by providing a clear view of where drivers and loads are located in real time.

With a continuing shortage of workers, getting a customer’s online order delivered could prove challenging. Shipping in a hurry has gotten more complicated because just-in-time deliveries are now being relied upon by more businesses than ever.

What are the benefits of TMS?

A TMS provides a 360-degree view of the supply chain. The platform equips businesses with visibility into daily transportation operations, compliance, and commercial document information, enabling the timely shipment of goods. Shipping processes and transportation operations can also be optimized, whether by land, air, or sea. 

  1. Time and money spent on logistics are reduced. Implementing a TMS allows companies to put less effort into repetitive, manual processes. The time and cost savings achieved through trucking logistics software like a TMS can be significant as overall operational speed and precision are improved. Since freight costs are outlined through a dashboard, and human errors are eliminated from manually re-keying orders, more time can be allocated to other aspects of the business to increase savings. Utilizing a TMS platform like Shipwell, companies can optimize their routes, which will help them reduce transportation costs altogether. An optimized route for example will have fewer stops, hence reducing time and fuel costs.
  2. Complex supply chain issues are simplified. Single-screen platforms simplify and streamline operations and provide visibility throughout your supply chain, thereby making it easier for you to compare and ultimately decide on the best course of action in any situation. TMS can help companies forecast demand in order to plan for the future, and identify areas for improvement to achieve efficiency.
  3. Visibility and communication are enhanced. Companies utilizing shipment software are able to increase visibility throughout their supply chain. Therefore, companies can take advantage of new opportunities for communication and collaboration with carriers and customers. As logistics operations become increasingly complicated, it is essential to have all supply chain partners aligned to a company’s unique strategy — especially during the busy peak season. By reducing the need for manual data entry, transparency is increased across the supply chain bringing accessibility to a wide range of stakeholders.

Incorporating a TMS into your business

As logistics operations get more complex and peak season continues to go on longer and longer, it is critical that all of the partners in the supply chain are aligned with the unique strategies of your business. Shipwell levels the playing field and brings automation, visibility, and Artificial Intelligence to the challenging enterprise and middle markets. Shipwell’s TMS uniquely integrates data-driven shipment scheduling and optimization capabilities in one centralized platform with active problem management and an advanced visibility platform. With all these tools combined, you are empowered to free yourself from many issues that commonly hamper businesses.

Interested in learning more about which TMS may be the right fit for you? Request a customized demo today and discover how Shipwell can help your company efficiently ship on time while staying within budget.

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