April 30, 2024

Simple, Powerful, and Intuitive Dock Scheduling Software

Seamless Collaboration, Intelligent Scheduling, and Real-Time Visibility for Streamlined Dock Operations and Stronger Carrier Relationships

Effortlessly streamline your dock operations with Shipwell's intuitive Dock Scheduling solution. It seamlessly integrates with our Supply Chain Cloud and is built natively into the Shipwell TMS platform, creating a unified solution. This empowers you to optimize dock throughput, communication, and user experience while gaining real-time visibility and eliminating manual appointment setting.

Simple by Design, Robust in Capabilities

  • Carrier Portal and Mobile Integration: Empower carriers and suppliers with 24/7 access to book appointments via an intuitive interface.
  • Intelligent Scheduling: Define dock capacity and availability, ensuring optimal resource allocation.
  • Customizable Rules: Tailor your scheduling process with custom load types, capacity rules, and scheduling rules.
  • Real-Time Centralized Dock Visibility: Gain insights with live updates on dock schedules, appointments, and more.
  • Live Updates: Make real-time adjustments to appointments and track changes for enhanced responsiveness.
  • Leverage Visualization Tools: Utilize the Dock Dashboard and Dock Calendar for easy scheduling and streamlined tracking.
  • API Integration: Seamlessly integrate Shipwell with your existing systems using modern RESTful APIs.
  • AI-Powered Assistant: Leverage Swifty, Shipwell's AI assistant, for quick and efficient appointment scheduling.

Shipwell empowers you to streamline your logistics by automating appointment setting, improving warehouse planning, and reducing labor costs. Our comprehensive Dock Scheduling solution, seamlessly integrated with our multi-modal TMS and visibility platform, offers planning, execution, and mobile access, allowing you to schedule dock appointments based on real-time facility availability.

Whether you’re looking to optimize dock management, strengthen carrier relationships, or simply save time and resources, Shipwell is your trusted partner..

Eliminate dock bottlenecks, missed appointments, and limited visibility. Take control with Shipwell's unified, AI-driven dock scheduling solution.

Download our datasheet below to learn more about how Shipwell can transform your shipping logistics today.

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Seamlessly schedule your shipping and receiving appointments directly on our online carrier & dock worker portal. Our strategic automation is designed to optimize dock availability, tailored tonavigate your facility's constraints and understand the unique nature of each of your shipments.

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