August 26, 2023

Shipwell: Putting Equality into Action

Women's Equality Day stands as a reminder equality is not only a matter of social justice and ethics, but also a strategic imperative for businesses — especially for those in the supply chain and technology industries. As these sectors continue their rapid evolution, it is crucial to ensure that women have equal opportunities, representation, and influence to continue to drive innovation and growth by tapping into diverse perspectives and talents.

Understanding the vital need to seek out and promote equality in this industry since our foundation in 2016, Shipwell has taken robust steps to foster an environment that supports equality within the company. Along with striving to eliminate bias and ensure fair representation by placing an emphasis on equitable recruitment, Shipwell also actively supports professional development and mentorship opportunities for women at all career stages. By empowering women to thrive and ascend to influential roles within the organization, Shipwell has brought about a nearly 1:1 promotion rate for male and female employees (57% male, 43% female) over the past 12 months, ensuring that everyone is granted the opportunity to rise within the company.

Recognizing that a diverse workforce fuels innovation and strengthens the fabric of our organization, our highly active Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) committee took things a step further by collaborating with the women at Shipwell to establish the Women's Initiative Network (WIN) Employee Resource Group (ERG).

By creating a dedicated space for women to connect, collaborate, and advocate for their professional growth, Shipwell has continuously and proactively sought out ways to harness the inherent power of diversity to drive business success, while also recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities that women encounter in their careers in order to address these issues head-on.

So as we reflect on the issue of equality, let this day serve as a reminder that while the challenges are ongoing, the progress is undeniable. Let it fuel our commitment to fostering environments where women in every industry can flourish and rise to positions of leadership and influence. Let it inspire us to work collectively, across genders, to reshape the narrative and create a future where underrepresentation is an anomaly, not the norm.

Because ultimately, Women's Equality Day is a testament to the power of unity, the strength of diversity, and the unyielding belief that when we stand on the side of equality, we stand on the side of progress.

More Detail on Shipwell’s Employee Resource Groups

ERGs create an open forum for employees to share common interests/concerns and support one another in creatively spearheading their own initiatives. These groups help us continue to foster community within Shipwell and contribute to building a safe and inclusive environment for all Shipwellians. As with Shipwell’s existing ERGs listed below, all employees are provided support and encouragement in the establishment of their own resource groups within the organization.

Women's Initiative Network (WIN)

WIN was created by and for the Women at Shipwell to empower one another's personal and professional growth by creating a community where they can collaborate, learn, and thrive in the traditionally male-dominated tech and supply chain industries. Their goal is to create a strong, supportive community that amplifies women’s voices, promotes gender equity, and inspires future generations of women leaders within our organization and beyond.

PRIDEwell Alliance

Made up of Shipwell’s LGBTQIA+ members and Allies, the PRIDEwell Alliance provides a safe, supportive, and inclusive space for members to come together to discuss how they can better support each other and their communities. PRIDEwell also educates the Shipwell community and creates a path toward acceptance of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

For more information on Shipwell's commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion or to join our growing team, visit our careers page.

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