July 8, 2019

Saving the day for your customers: How to be a shipping hero

Shipwell's core behaviors determine how each of our team members engages in work daily.

We recently talked about how we build the future and never settle, so we want to explore the next Shipwell core behavior: Be a shipping hero.

What does a shipping hero look like exactly? We believe it is a blend of knowledge, assistance, and providing the right tools for success.

Read on to discover how you can also be a shipping hero with the power of an automated, connected, and transparent TMS in your supply chain.

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Knowing is everything

When organizations have the knowledge to make smarter and better business decisions, becoming a shipping hero is easy.

By centralizing supply chains and all of the various parties involved (shippers, 3PLs, and carriers), an organization has the opportunity to capture more accurate and complete data on supply chain performance.

That's why the Shipwell TMS platform features advanced BI analytics. With easy-to-digest charts and graphs, shippers and 3PLs can gain a clearer picture on how their supply chain is performing.

For shippers and 3PLs, this empowers them with the information to make data-driven decisions that impact the entire organization.

Be a shipping hero by discovering ways to save on costs, drive down inefficiencies, and deliver a better experience to your customers.

Practice open communication

In freight, there will always be hurdles to overcome. While technology, automation, and BI can help with being efficient and proactive, situations can arise that are unexpected and without blame.

That's why practicing open communication is especially key in the logistics industry. Making sure all parties are in the know and have accurate details at any given time goes a long way to solve problems.

Being a shipping hero means you communicate throughout a shipment's transit to customers and important parties.

Luckily, with some automation, this can be largely done without additional resources on a shipping team.

In the Shipwell platform, notifications of shipping statuses, timelines, maps, and other important details can be made available to everyone in the supply chain, even customer-facing tracking.

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Put customers first, every day

When businesses are experiencing logistical nightmares, Shipwell comes to the rescue.

Sometimes freight can be downright frustrating. Most shippers have little to no visibility on their shipments once it leaves the facility. For 3PLs, constant check calls eat up valuable time in the day.

With Shipwell, we provide real-time visibility to shipments to take the worry out of shipping. Consider it our X-ray vision of looking through supply chain roadblocks and making critical insights visible.

How can you accomplish this for your customers? Put your customers first every day, too.

With deploying the Shipwell cloud TMS, shippers and 3PLs get more time back in the day to tackle bigger picture things like customer experience strategies, and less time manually booking and tracking tedious freight.

Do you want to be a shipping hero? Learn how with the Shipwell TMS by signing up for a quick 5-minute demo below.

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