March 8, 2023

Say hello to the women leading Shipwell

You may not have heard of Karen Sage and Monica Matison, but they’re kind of a big deal here at Shipwell. As the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of People Operations respectively, both women are inspiring leaders in their field — pushing initiatives forward to make a positive impact on the company.

Karen is leading our marketing efforts by creating content that resonates with our customers and driving innovative campaigns to engage them. She brings an array of experience in digital marketing, sales development, and communications strategy to Shipwell.

Monica is empowering Shipwell employees to do their best work through her strategic human resources initiatives. She has leveraged her 15+ years of experience in HR by developing culture-building programs that focus on employee growth and a supportive workplace.

Karen and Monica are at the top rung of leadership here at Shipwell, but also represent just two of the many inspiring women in leadership roles at Shipwell who are making lasting impacts on our company. From Jeanne Kellogg who leads as Shipwell’s Director of Sales Enablement in Managed Services to Monica Truelsch who heads up our product marketing efforts as Director of Product Marketing, to Shipwell’s Finance Operations Manager, Samantha Bavis, and many others, powerful and intelligent women are a huge part of what has made Shipwell what it is today.

Having diversity at all levels of the workplace is a win-win situation — it not only encourages a more understanding and accepting environment but also provides business benefits that are impossible to overlook. Studies have shown that companies with gender diversity at the helm tend to outperform those without it. Women bring unique perspectives, skills, and leadership styles that can propel companies toward success. And what’s more, these women can serve as role models for other female employees in the company, encouraging them to advocate for themselves and work harder toward their goals.

So join us in celebrating Women's Day by shining a spotlight on the women who lead us forward, and let's recognize all of their incredible contributions!

Monica Matison, VP of People Operations

Monica Matison is a people person, through and through — something that comes in very handy as the VP of People Operations at Shipwell. A venture capital group veteran who has been involved in the NASDAQ Milestone Makers program, Monica is in a unique position where she is able to understand both what goes into establishing a successful business, and what goes into assembling a winning team. Thanks to her keen insight and ability to guide others toward success, Monica remains a mentor to many within the startup world and often finds herself called on for support and advice. 

A passionate human rights and equal opportunity advocate as well as an expert at uncovering talent, Monica has helped to build a team that thrives. Since taking control of people operations at Shipwell, she has spearheaded the company's shift to remote work, enabling Shipwell to bring on the best of the best from across the country. Additionally, Monica was responsible for implementing Shipwell's 401k plan along with their parental leave, educational reimbursement, and management coaching programs. Holding a degree in business, economics, and psychology, she has been pivotal in lead Shipwell down the path to success. 

Karen Sage, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A true disruptor in the supply chain industry, Shipwell’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Karen Sage is responsible for global marketing, communications, business development, enablement, and go-to-market efforts at Shipwell. With over XX years of experience in business-to-business marketing and communications, Karen has helped several companies launch disruptive new categories, accelerate revenue growth, and build brand awareness.

Prior to joining Shipwell, Karen was CMO of Syncron, Transplace, MercuryGate International, and Sciquest (now called Jaggaer). Named among SDCE’s Pros to Know for 2022, CNN’s Top Women of the Channel 2012, and a technical advisory board member of the Service Council, Karen began her marketing career as an engineer, inventing the NETSYS Performance tools at NETSYS Technologies, Inc., which was acquired by Cisco in 1996. 

A veritable master of the pivot who has successfully guided numerous companies toward high growth and brand awareness, Karen holds advanced degrees in both Mathematics and Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia.

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