June 19, 2019

Shipping logistics: Roadblocks in your supply chain management

Every company that manages a supply chain experiences different shortfalls, pain points, or roadblocks that can lead to struggling revenue.

It's essential to identify the broken links in your company's supply chain that are preventing growth and innovation. These are some common humps companies have to get over in their supply chain management.

Shipwell spends every day targeting these roadblocks and provides our customers with solutions to their supply chain efficiency.

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Find and cultivate expert-level talent

Every industry needs experts to lead their teams, but in supply chain logistics, real experts are harder to find.

Sourcing talent with specific knowledge and skill sets can be a difficult challenge. Mainly because the industry is shifting to a more technology-driven system, and some experts might want to run things the old-fashioned way. Finding talent who are excited about growing with technology but still maintain years of wisdom on the volatile supply chain world is a treasure.

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Technology impacts business

Some businesses are still using antiquated and decentralized applications to run their operations. By converting to cloud-based programs, operations can streamline across the board with instant access to archived documents. Going from Excel to Google Sheets can mean greater visibility and impact on your company's bottom line.

It is also noteworthy to select technology that is complementary to your operations; not invasive or a replacement of employees.

For instance, using analytics platforms that can process a lot of data, but the data might not be useful or relevant to anything can be a waste of time and money. However, using analytical algorithms that can process a large amount of high-quality data and output a deeper understanding of business operations.

Shipwell has a robust analytics feature that is powered by Snowflake to deliver real-time analytics aggregating thousands of data points so companies can make informed decisions fast.

Innovation through collaboration

Having all of this data to yourself might seem like the right move, but sharing the data can innovate the way you look at the industry entirely.

Within Shipwell, we share data on ELDs, shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and customers who rely on the Shipwell TMS to manage their supply chains. All of this collaboration internally helps us provide a more impactful product.

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But it doesn't stop there. As we mentioned in a recent article we did with CarrierDirect, sharing data across the industry can alter rigid, antiquated processes on a global scale and will ultimately make the entire freight space run faster and smoother.

Customer service is key

Any supply chain management strategy would crumble without factoring in customer service. We hear companies say, "he customer comes first", but we all know that those things are easier said than done.

Logistics companies can't just come up with blanket solutions to meet every customer's need. Each customer has a different set needs, and we need to understand them in order to possess superior customer service.

A lot of these solutions can come from increasing the visibility of data for each customer. With Shipwell, our customers can see shipment information, real-time tracking logs, chat in-app with other parties on the shipment, and much more.

Our focus is to provide a product that adds value to the customer's brand. We develop solutions that don't get in the way of their workflows but expedite their processes to increase time management. Above all, we do it in a single pane of glass on your computer or smart device.

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