March 16, 2023

RFP Automation continues to transform the freight procurement process

Introduced in November of 2022, Shipwell’s automated bid-management solution, RFP Automation continues to transform the freight procurement process. Since its release, this revolutionary tool has enabled countless shippers like Mighty Swell to identify and compare carrier bids more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing logistics industry, savvy shippers are incorporating innovative tactics to stay ahead of the curve. One such strategy gaining popularity is the use of mini-bids, a process that involves frequent RFPs for sub-groups of lanes and short contracts. With Shipwell's RFP Automation, it's now easier than ever to harness the full potential of mini-bids and seize cost-saving opportunities as they arise. 

Designed to reduce the time it takes to source bids from multiple carriers while helping customers understand their market intelligence better RFP Automation eliminates much of the guesswork and manual back-and-forth communication from the procurement process. The combination of external market intelligence and shipper-specific business intelligence helps customers identify opportunities for better service or cost savings when selecting a new partner. It also provides real-time market data so customers can easily identify when the spot market offers better rates than contracted carriers.

Andrew Pieri, Vice President of Operations at Mighty Swell, commented, “This is especially beneficial for our type of business in which we rely heavily on multi-stop full truck loads (FTLs) for cost and speed. We’ve also enjoyed the increased visibility, automation, and analytics that the TMS has brought to our transportation processes.”

Mighty Swell’s Transportation Manager, Dan Sweet, has already seen major efficiency gains thanks to Shipwell's TMS with RFP Automation, commenting that “there was a large degree of variance in carrier bids on each lane, and Shipwell made it easy to compare those bids and award new contracts based on price and other factors.”

He also notes that they have been able to attain major efficiency gains across the bid-management and tender process:

  • Brought the previous five or more emails and additional phone calls in their previous carrier process down to just two clicks.
  • Significantly improved carrier bid evaluation and selection through shipping lane insights and carrier performance histories.

Shipwell's RFP Automation tool is a game changer for freight procurement. It reduces manual work, increases transparency in freight procurement processes, and ultimately helps customers save time and money on their shipping operations.

“Prior to using Shipwell’s TMS solution, it was a very manual process to manage shipments,” highlighted Andrew Pieri. “We were relying heavily on spreadsheets to track orders, which really limits the number of carriers that you can work with. Using the TMS solution, we are able to easily connect with multiple carriers, which in turn allows us to compare different rates.”

The ability to make better — and faster — freight procurement decisions are a significant contributor to ROI from a TMS investment, helping to reduce annual freight spend and improve shipper profitability.

“A key factor in building a competitive and robust supply chain network is an agile procurement strategy — one that’s highly flexible and cost-effective, to help shippers toggle more options in addressing freight market challenges,” said Shipwell CEO and founder Greg Price. “Instead of depending on expensive spot rates or being locked into outdated freight contracts, Shipwell’s RFP Automation simplifies on-demand procurement activities so that transportation managers can deliver cost savings and service improvements for the business.”

With RFP Automation, Shipwell continues its mission of transforming freight procurement for shippers around the world. This innovative tool will enable customers to make smarter decisions as they select new partners while achieving greater efficiency in their supply chains.

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