August 6, 2020

Join the shipping evolution®

The logistics market changes faster than you can load and unload a truck -- so why hasn’t the industry kept up? Shippers and 3PLs need technology that will help them run more efficiently, which means automated workflows that enable and streamline the entire supply chain. At Shipwell, we’re developing leading-edge visibility technology, machine learning, and workflow automation to make sure you stay ahead of the changing times.

Our SaaS platform and people are leading the shipping evolution for the logistics industry. We’ve put an emphasis on creating an innovative 3-in-1 shipping solution that combines transportation management (TMS), visibility, and an integrated partner network that scales as you grow, providing your team with the insights and tools needed to manage exceptions and save time. 

Proven performance from the start

We’ve been listening to industry experts, customers, and shippers talk about their vision for the future of this industry. 

Guess what? We heard the same things, over and over again:

  • You’re tired of TMS and visibility solutions that are difficult to use, install, and configure. 
  • You’re tired of jumping between screens, or working across platforms to ensure your shipment is delivered. 

That’s why our SaaS platform is built for integration and priced for mid-market businesses. It’s intuitive to use, and customizable enough to support your unique workflows.

Shipwell users across different industries have praised the cloud-based platform for its intuitive navigation and simplified shipment booking process. Immediate savings, combined with minimal upfront investment and low support costs, have led to continuous ROI within the first few months of integration. 

Look at what our customers are saying:

“What I like most is the ease of use of Shipwell. If you have zero logistics background, you can still easily navigate the system and book your own shipments.”

Advanced visibility that puts you in the driver’s seat

Logistics is about more than just transportation management. Visibility into all parts of your supply chain is mission critical. Shipwell is changing the industry with its integrated system that provides real-time tracking of shipments, plus streamlined communication that returns control to your stakeholders as they manage operations from a single screen. 

Shipwell’s track and trace technology gives shippers the ability to manage their shipments from quoting to reconciliation. And, most importantly, all points in between. Using real-time location tracking and our AI-enabled virtual assistant, Shipwell gives you insight into shipment information, so you can manage customer expectations, avoid delays, and handle exceptions along the way. 

With more than 500,000 carrier partners and over 100 million rows of real-time data at your fingertips, the Shipwell platform delivers on the promise of continuous, technology-enabled enhancements to your supply chain.

Automation and analytics for a smarter supply chain

Better decisions require better data -- more recent, more accurate, and more robust. On top of that, they require that important information be surfaced to the right people, at the right time. 

A smarter supply chain means combining the power of automation with your own team's expertise. Routine or mundane tasks can run smoothly behind the scenes based upon your business rules, while exceptions are elevated for you to review, resolve, and communicate to partners, customers, and carriers. 

Shipwell’s customizable analytics dashboard empowers your team to make faster, smarter, data-driven decisions that create efficiencies in your logistics operation. 

Shipwell continues to invest in our team and future-forward platforme. Our employees strive to be ‘shipping heroes.’ Every day, we make it easier for our customers to position shipping as a competitive advantage, so they can spend more time on what they do best.

Are you ready to join the shipping evolution? Contact one of our experts, or schedule a personalized demo!

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