July 24, 2019

Achieving fast-paced excellence in your supply chain

Shipwell continues to build on its success by sticking to the core behaviors implemented from the early stages of business.

We talked recently about how our sales team goes above and beyond to be a shipping hero for our customers. Today, we want to take off with lightning speed and show how we pursue fast-paced excellence every day in the office.

How does one work at a fast pace and still achieve excellence at a consistent rate? A lot of it can come from having the ability to adapt to changes quickly and respond with experience-based solutions.

Take a look at what we do so our customers can achieve fast-paced excellence for their supply chain management.

Staying fast-paced in a slow industry

One of the biggest reasons we made fast-paced excellence one of our core behaviors is because currently, the world of freight is not.

The folks who work in logistics know that the supply chain is slow-moving and tedious. To be able to navigate the ins and outs of making a shipment successful and transparent is truly an art.

Shipwell raised $10 million in our Series A round in October 2018 and have been growing rapidly ever since.

Since we aim to optimize how shippers, 3PLs, and carriers interact with one another, we need to be on the cutting edge of new technology and world-class service to provide each of them a seamless, automated experience.

We are hiring!

The meaning of excellence

The economy is growing so fast, and the infrastructure to support such growth is struggling to keep up. Rather than run from the problem or make it worse, Shipwell wants to tackle those problems head-on and provide sustainable solutions to supply chain management.

We believe in putting our customers first. To understand how their supply chain evolves and how we respond with solutions quickly is the meaning of excellence to us.

If we aren't listening, we aren't learning. Shipwell's Managed Services team interacts with customers as if they were the only customer. Having that kind of representative on our team helps us maintain our world-class service with award-winning software.

Building the future of shipping

Do you consider yourself someone who creates excellent solutions in a fast-paced environment? Apply to one of our many positions open at Shipwell!

Get connected to a team of people who will push the boundaries of supply chain management to create a faster, more efficient world run on software that fits supply chains into a single pane of glass.

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