June 6, 2019

E-commerce: Boost the shopping experience of your online store

In 1995, a scrappy little company called Amazon launched a website to sell books. Now, 24 years later, it is the biggest online retailer in history. With its success, Amazon has changed the way consumers shop.

While your e-commerce situation might not be as dramatic as Amazon's story, Shipwell believes that you should do the most to optimize your buyer's journey. Give customers an incredible online shopping experience that makes it easy and delightful to purchase from you.

Here are some key points you need to cover when designing your online store to optimize traffic and retain customers.

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First impressions go a long way

In order to make a sale, you've got to get a customer from your home page to the checkout page. Seems obvious enough, but the only way to do that is to make the first impression count.

Use bold images and graphics that separate you from your competitors and encourage people to click around. Having a good color scheme, load time, and simple navigation goes a long way as well.

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Be clear and accessible with your words

Every single word in your online store needs to be captivating and impactful. If it isn't, you are wasting valuable real estate and could potentially lose customer interest.

Take on the test of creating compelling messaging across your site while managing to make effective SEO decisions. In your product descriptions, be clear and concise about what the product does. If you can manage to tell a story with your products, you can expect more conversions.

The standard rule for web copy is that you have three seconds to get someone's attention and keep it. Compliment customer's impatience by having all of the information they need in an accessible and visible place on the page.

Display reviews publicly

According to the marketing firm Econsultancy, 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision.

Many consumers love recommendations to products and want to know how other people enjoyed or didn't enjoy using them. Negative reviews actually improve conversions by 67%, because customers can see for themselves what people truly thought about the product and make an informed decision.

Adding customer reviews to your site creates a visible business and customer relationship that future customers can look at and feel better about their purchase decision.

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Leverage shipping as your competitive advantage

Once you get a potential customer to the checkout page, it is critical to make sure the purchasing process runs smoothly.

The best thing you can do for your online store is to integrate a shipping solution into the platform. When it comes to freight shipping, it's been difficult for online merchants to fulfill orders requiring this mode of logistics.

By integrating Shipwell into your e-commerce store, you can automatically generate freight rates and pricing on the spot for customers to select.

Provide branded, visual real-time tracking to customers to ensure a delightful shopping experience with you.

Best of all, your entire supply chain, from order to shipment creation all the way to delivery, can be managed in one platform. Manage documents, track costs, carrier performance, and orders while measuring data to grow the store even more.

Save hours on gathering freight quotes and more time growing your online store. Plus, providing a seamless experience for customers receiving products via freight shipping will encourage future transactions, helping you build a stronger brand.

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