May 7, 2019

Drayage freight: Automate your port shipping process

Our team at Shipwell has been focusing a lot of energy toward drayage freight. We took notice of inefficiencies, and are excited to offer solutions to a very complicated part of the supply chain.

Drayage, if you don't know the term already, is the transport of freight between ports and terminals in intermodal shipping.

With nearly 18,000 shipping containers on a single ship, it's obvious that communication and consistency are crucial to success.

What's going on in drayage?

"Drayage is one of the most opaque, inefficient segments in the American trucking industry, dominated by small, undercapitalized carriers using yesterday's technology,"states a recent FreightWaves article.

Here's the deal: drayage has so many inefficiencies often accredited to lack of visibility during this short haul. Today, the growth of international shipping has created port congestion and capacity issues that desperately needs a solution. Enter Shipwell.

The same Shipwell technology that revolutionized the over-the-road freight shipping process is now available for drayage freight. Today, customers can try out the beta of drayage freight shipping in our platform and access the same game-changing features like instant quoting and booking, custom private load boards, and of course, real-time freight tracking.

Optimize your drayage logistics

Drayage goes digital

The drayage world is still mostly manual, and most operators use spreadsheets and keep their logs on paper. However, digitizing this data can dramatically optimize businesses drayage workflow and help find broken links in their processes.

Shipwell stores documents like BOLs and PODs in the platform organized by shipment and can manage bookkeeping with our integration with QuickBooks.

Now, drayage customers have access to Shipwell's analytics to understand their freight spend and how to optimize their resources better. Additionally, they have access to custom private load boards that shippers and 3PLs can use to post loads for preferred carriers to bid on or book instantly.

Shipwell provides tracking for each shipment from port to terminal and back so we can begin the end-to-end transparency this process has desperately needed.

A better solution for drayage freight

What went from a heavily fragmented operation can now be handled in a single pane of glass on your computer. Shipwell wants to propel the freight industry into the future, and we knew one of the first steps was to centralize and digitize drayage.

Want to try out our beta? We are so excited to give our drayage customers the same transparency and automation that our over-the-road customers receive.

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