September 16, 2019

The secret to supply chain success with Shipwell: Grow roses

Over the past few months, we have been slowly revealing our six core behaviors that Shipwell uses to create and foster a healthy and proactive work environment.

We are finally on our last core behavior of the set, and it's one that ties all the others together. This core behavior is the heart and soul that weaves through the others, and the one that Shipwellians say the most in the office.

Grow roses.

While the statement "grow roses" is simple in nature, it's really two words that are filled with meaning and philosophy that truly affect how we respond to decisions in the workplace every single day.

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Pick your site to plant

One of the first things you need to do when you grow roses is to pick a place that you will flourish.

For Shipwell, the beautiful and inspiring city of Austin, TX is the best spot for that. We have the benefit of living in a bustling tech city with many other tech startups while having access to some of the best natural environments Texas has to offer.

With an office in the heart of downtown, Shipwell positioned itself to be adaptable and successful.

Get what you need to grow

When you are growing roses, the three things that are most important for growth is soil, water, and sunlight.

From a business perspective, it is Shipwell's mission to set our customers up for success right away. We do that by providing an award-winning technology paired with a world-class service team dedicated to maximizing customer's ROI.

Did you know that the different colored roses are known for different things? "Roses make it possible to breed different cultivars of roses - mixing different types of roses creates new, wonderful colors of rose flowers."

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Diverse thought means Shipwell can create new and exciting ideas that it wouldn't normally have.

Pay attention to your plant

Shipwell has world-class supply chain veterans monitoring market trends to provide our customers with up-to-the-minute rates to make each shipment ships at the right price.

We pay attention to market rates and the pain points that businesses experience in their supply chain. When we hear what companies wish could be more automated and more aligned with their scalability and operations, we work to implement new features into our product.

Prune for the future

Pruning can influence the way a rose grows. With expert care, rosebushes can grow to be more structurally sound and have the ability to produce a better infrastructure for future roses to grow.

Shipwell aims to provide the support our team needs to grow in the direction they want to grow. From a business perspective, we deliver the tools businesses need to grow and scale the way they know how. Just think of our platform as a set of pruning shears.

At the end of the day, you are left with a rose.

One of the most iconic flowers on the planet, that means a cacophony of things to a lot of people. That's our goal: to be a solution in many different ways for the entire supply chain.

If that sounds like something you could contribute to, you should check out our careers page! We are currently hiring and would love to see how your skills can best fit our team.

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