April 1, 2019

Don't be a fool: Benefits of choosing LTL freight insurance

This article was originally posted on April Fools Day.

Shippers are always on the hunt for the right prices to get their freight on the road. They often look for factors like professional service, fast transit times, and of course, the cheapest rates.

Getting all three of these factors is like landing the white whale, but when service and transit are sacrificed to access lower rates, it brings about complications and delays.

Shipwell is proud to offer our LTL customers standard insurance to cover their freight on the road to provide peace of mind and make shipping freight a delightful experience.

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Here's a look at how to protect your freight when it's on the road.

Pick the right people to work with

First of all, shippers and 3PLs should be working with companies who have a detailed history with the carriers in their roster. Shipwell works with over 100 LTL carriers and wants to pair the best ones with your freight.

But there is always the risk of something going wrong. In LTL shipments, freight is unloaded and staged at terminals and reloaded into trucks, sometimes at several points along the way. Unfortunately, in those transitions freight can be damaged.

That's why Shipwell offers LTL customers insurance on freight to protect from the risks of transit. Reduce your out-of-pocket costs by opting into the LTL insurance Shipwell provides during the booking process.

Peace of mind

If your goods are fragile or high value, LTL insurance is a smart choice for your shipment.

If shippers choose the insurance offered by LTL carriers, they will receive a limited-liability coverage, which might not be enough for your freight. This coverage is based on freight class.

Fortunately, Shipwell offers full-value coverage on your freight starting at $30. We provide worry-free coverage for shipments up to $10,000 but offer a larger coverage if you contact a Shipwell representative.

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If your shipment is damaged or lost in transit, this coverage ensures a stress-free claim process, separate from the carrier, and a faster payout window.

Beyond that, Shipwell's Managed Services team is available 24/7 for questions and help regarding your freight. We want to provide the best shipping experience possible by giving you unmatched service.

Properly prepare your freight for transport

Although Shipwell offers LTL insurance, make it even easier to ship your freight by properly preparing each load for transport.

As we have said, LTL shipping can involve a lot of switching trucks and moving freight after the initial pick up. Properly packaging and securing your freight on your pallet can help keep your freight intact when loaders are moving it around.

We have many more great LTL tips in our just-published whitepaper. Download it for free below:

Guide to LTL

The majority of our customers choose our full-value insurance over carrier insurance. Why? Because we offer a hassle-free coverage that will deliver peace of mind along with your freight.

Shipwell provides solutions to customers for every problem in the freight industry. From offering LTL insurance to providing real-time freight visibility, all of our shippers and 3PLs delight customers by using our automated freight TMS plus the expertise of the Shipwell Managed Services team.

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