January 16, 2019

Coming soon: Automated dock scheduling

Shipwell is frequently releasing new features to improve the platform and give companies a competitive edge with their supply chain. We are excited to roll out more features this year.

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The problem

Often, shipping and receiving docks are backed up with trucks trying to get their loads and get out. The clog is usually due to a lack of proper scheduling systems put in place by the docks and results in wasted time staging loads, delayed shipments, and upset carriers.

As shippers and brokers strive to give carriers the best logistical information, they end up spending more time on the phone trying to find a solution.

Now in limited availability: We are very excited to roll out a new integration for the Shipwell platform: dock scheduling.

How it works

When shipping to a facility that operates on appointments for carriers to unload their truck, dock scheduling is a shipper's secret weapon. No more emailing or calling to learn what a facility's appointment availability is.

Within the Shipwell platform, shippers and brokers can select appointment times for pickup and delivery while creating or editing a shipment.

Soon, drivers will have less wait times for loading and more time to focus on achieving delivery expectations.

Select a specific appointment for a carrier to be loaded or unloaded and feel confident that your product will soon be on its way.

This allows our customers to maximize efficiencies, enabling them to more efficiently schedule resources and vendors. The result: reduce wasted time, detention, and unexpected delays.

With Shipwell, you can provide more accurate information on the delivery and streamline more shipments in the future. The platform will continue to integrate customer needs to shave even more time off of shipping estimates, resulting in happy consumers and revenue growth.

Currently, this feature is integrated with Datadocks, but will soon extend to integrate several other scheduling software. We believe that these collaborations across the industry is the best way to move freight into a new era. It's just another way Shipwell is connecting and automating supply chains.

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