Protecting your data

At Shipwell, we believe that trust is foundational and uphold it as our highest value. Trust is an ongoing relationship between our employees, customers, partners and stakeholders. To earn it, we are committed to maintaining SOC2 compliance, proactively addressing data concerns, and building a reputation for reliability, fairness and transparency.

Data Security and Privacy

Shipwell gives you a world-class combination of data-security tools, infrastructure and practices so that your data and your business are protected.


Your data is encrypted according to Shipwell’s encryption policy, which requires the use of common, well-understood ciphers, including AES 256, Triple DES, salted SHA 256 and SSL/TLS 1.2 or stronger.

Restricted Data Flags

You control the flow of your data at a foundational level with tools that allow you to set up a hierarchy of access privileges and select certain information that you want to be restricted.

Data Privacy and Usage

Your data and your customers’ data are not accessed or used without your explicit permission. Shipwell only processes your data in strict accordance with your instructions.

Data Recovery

Our backup processes ensure that your data is always secure and if there is an issue, it is recovered automatically.


Our platform is cloud-based and runs across multiple, physically-secured data centers with multiple load balancers and auto-scaling on all applications and services.

Data Ownership

Your data is yours, so you should always be able to access it. Shipwell can retain your data and make it available to you on a schedule that meets your needs.


California Consumer Privacy Act


European Union GDPR