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Meeting high demand without affecting the bottom line

How Shipwell enabled a major producer of shelf-stable food products to save time and money while quickly pivoting operations during a period of high demand that saw order volume double.

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The Customer

Our partner produces, packages, assembles and distributes high-quality, shelf-stable food products to branded food companies and food banks. By adopting Shipwell’s connected platform, the company was able to dramatically increase carrier lanes, streamline communications and save time and money.

The Challenge

Costly communication and processes

The company was looking to increase efficiencies and save time by eliminating manual processes and streamlining communications. Supply-chain teams were expending too much energy navigating multiple systems and making calls and sending emails to broker partners.

The Solution

Increased visibility and efficiencies

By adopting the Shipwell platform, our partner now can view and manage its entire shipping operation through one, connected interface. Communication and order management are automated and streamlined, so teams focus on high-priority tasks, enhancing the customer experience.

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Dive deeper into the challenges that our partner was faced with and how Shipwell helped them to adapt to a sudden increase in demand while saving both time and money across their operations.

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The Results

Doubling volume without overwhelming staff

The company was faced with an unexpected challenge at the start of COVID-19: Its orders nearly doubled. Shipwell’s platform has increased efficiencies, empowering teams to double shipping volume and keep up with demand, without added costs.

Enabling greater visibility all in one system

The company now has visibility and tracking for 100% of their shipments within our platform — from quote management and shipment tracking to payment processing — regardless of which brokerage they employ, or what TMS that brokerage is using on their end.

Increasing on-time delivery rates

The company’s operations are more nimble and better able to quickly react and recover when inevitable disruptions occur. This newly acquired “superpower” has greatly improved OTD rates, and has allowed them to hit a record high of 100% during critical months.

Partnership Impact


on time delivery during COVID-19


reduction in claims


Enabling faster, more efficient workflows and improving communication can bring benefits that go far beyond a smoothly running supply chain. With more time in their day, Shipwell made it possible to not only meet — and exceed — their expectations for a better shipping experience, but gave their existing team more time back in their day to allow them to deliver a higher level of customer service, even while managing double their normal shipment volume.

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