May 16, 2023

What Is a Transportation Management System and How Can It Drive Your Path to Victory?

In the increasingly interconnected and fast-paced game of business, where industries strive to win big and achieve success, efficient transportation is a vital component of an effective game plan for businesses across various industries. Just like a cohesive sports team, businesses, whether small e-commerce ventures or multinational corporations, rely on effective transportation management to ensure seamless supply chain processes, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences — all of which can be achieved with a Transportation Management System (TMS).

So, what is a Transportation Management System (TMS)?

A TMS software platform is designed to streamline and optimize the entire transportation process. With a TMS, logistics managers can analyze their data and identify weak points, allowing them to optimize the transportation process continually on a single dashboard. 

Why would you need a TMS to do all of that?

Well, have you ever wondered about what it takes to make the desk you are using at this moment? 

It might seem effortless to assume that it just came together magically with the touch of a button. However, creating that desk involved the combination of various components from raw metal and wood, to bolts, paint, and more.

The manual process can be incredibly complex and time-consuming for companies dealing with the daily transportation and delivery of goods. This intricate process involves combining all the necessary components to create a functional desk that meets your needs and is commercially viable. Crafting and delivering a product requires a staggering amount of work that takes place behind the scenes, especially under the demanding and ever-changing supply chain. Nonetheless, there is a way to simplify the process of building and shipping a desk, and it’s as easy as clicking a button with a transportation management system (TMS). 

How a TMS Leads Transportation Managers to Victory

Envision a sports team huddled together to discuss their game plan. Each player represents a crucial aspect of the transportation process, from the shipment's origin to its final destination. The TMS acts as the coach, guiding and synchronizing each player to create a streamlined performance that leads the team to victory.

A TMS enables logistics managers to efficiently coordinate every detail of the transportation process, including route optimization, carrier selection, freight tracking, and delivery confirmation. Like an experienced coach, a TMS is able to see the big picture and provide guidance that might not be obvious to individual players out on the field. However, unlike a coach, a TMS is able to access and analyze 100 million data points from all aspects of the supply chain daily, which allows it to ensure that every movement is executed seamlessly — exponentially enhancing the overall performance of the transportation process.

Just as a coach can modify the team's dynamics with the point of a finger, a TMS provides real-time visibility into the transportation process, allowing logistics managers to make informed decisions and adjust shipment courses as needed. A transportation management system is parallel to a seasoned coach, orchestrating every element of the transportation process into a seamless and efficient performance. It's the mastermind behind the scenes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and flawlessly.

It’s Time to Make a Game Plan

Experience the thrill of a perfect play with Shipwell's TMS — and shoot for victory with every shipment. Don't wait to see it in action, try a demo today!

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