July 26, 2019

Visibility: What it should really mean for your supply chain

If you work in the supply chain technology world, you have heard a lot of "buzzwords" used lately. One of the most common is "visibility," but what does it actually mean for your supply chain?

shipwell visibility

Visibility is a core element to Shipwell's platform and service. That core element combined with automation and connectivity position Shipwell customers at the cutting edge of the shipping industry.

Visibility to see the future

Supply chain visibility means that the shipment in transit can be tracked from point A to point B. In some way, the shipper can receive tracking updates on a shipment, making the truck virtually visible.

There are many ways to track freight, and many of the traditional software platforms still require some manual work to get the visibility needed.

Direct visibility connections via ELD, mobile app, API, EDI, and other means are essential to minimize tedious tracking updates and pull in data automatically for real-time tracking.

When a company has supply chain visibility, they are able to make data available to stakeholders, including the customer.

When businesses use Shipwell, they are easing pain points they once had in their logistics department. Some pain points are as small as identifying disruptions in the loading process, product transportation, and even keeping track of inventory.

Increased visibility could mean that carriers could arrive at the loading docks on time and unload quickly.

A clear path to the next level

If businesses want to optimize their systems, data has to be shared between key members of the supply chain.

Having visibility into your supply chain means that you can be more transparent with your customers, investors, and employees. 

Once a company has supply chain visibility, they can begin the orchestration. When a company can utilize visibility to a competitive advantage, their business and revenue will shoot to the next level. 

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The complexity of supply chains

Every year, there is an increasing complexity to the supply chain that can make or break businesses. Using Shipwell as a tool that automates and connects those complexities will be one of the best business decisions your company makes. Now, all the disruptions in the industry are handled with ease by utilizing Shipwell's platform and world-class Managed Services team. 

Having this supply chain visibility is valuable because it allows you to quickly make informed decisions that will affect your logistics department and company bottom line.

Visibility in the supply chain at its core means the ability to track your shipments from start to finish. However, on a larger scale, visibility means access to data that can alter the way companies do business and how fast their growth can skyrocket.

Shipwell is a TMS that aims to squeeze the juice out of your supply chain data to give you the information you need to optimize operations and grow your business.

We provide end-to-end visibility in spend, performance, and customer experience.

Interested in more visibility getting your company to the next level? Connect with us today and get a demo of the most transparent shipping platform out there.

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