March 14, 2019

LTL freight: 6 ways Shipwell makes less-than-truckload easier to ship

The folks here at Shipwell have been hard at work making our LTL services even better for both shippers, brokers, and carriers.

Every day, we work with shippers and 3PLs with LTL needs and hear about their challenges in the supply chain. The team constantly seeks to optimize how LTL freight is booked and shipped in our cloud-based platform as well as through our Managed Services team.

Keep reading to hear about some recent upgrades to our LTL services that will help simplify the process and make freight your competitive advantage.

If you're not already using Shipwell to book LTL freight, it's the perfect time to start.

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Expanded regional service

To better serve our users shipping LTL, Shipwell added more regional carriers to provide additional capacity and options to move LTL.

Shipping LTL is supposed to be cost efficient, and  Shipwell is working with regional carriers to ship freight and pass along savings to shippers.

Optimized quoting speeds

Now, our LTL quoting page is faster and easier to use than ever before.

Our engineering team improved speeds for the entire Shipwell platform, especially our LTL instant rates. No more waiting around to compare carrier quotes or manually calling drivers to negotiate costs. With Shipwell, input the details of your LTL freight and review dozens of instant options to get your freight moving fast.

Ability to save addresses and products

The Shipwell platform now has the ability to save frequently used addresses and products.

Save time in the booking process by selecting previously used addresses and products and auto-populate the form for faster quoting.

Automatic parameter calculation

Now in the Shipping Items section, users can have their density, linear footage, and estimated freight class automatically calculated.

By entering your quantity, weight, and packaging info, Shipwell will suggest a freight class and auto-populate the density and linear footage fields.

Instant volume LTL rates

We have also recently expanded our instant rates into volume LTL. Now customers who walk the line between regular LTL and vLTL shipments can leverage the benefits of getting instant quotes for their unique freight shipments

Full coverage insurance

Because LTL requires a lot of packing and unpacking and is handled by many different terminal loaders, there are many opportunities for damage of freight to occur.

However, shippers shouldn't worry! Shipwell offers optional full coverage insurance on all LTL shipments so you can ship with confidence.

All of this and more is why Shipwell is leading the way in multimode freight shipping. If you ship LTL, vLTL, or beyond - we want to work with you!

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