July 12, 2019

Tracking via Shipwell mobile app: How to initiate tracking at any time

In the Shipwell platform, shippers and 3PLs can track shipments via ELD, API, EDI, and more - plus the flagship native Android and iOS mobile app.

Tracking requests

When you've added a carrier to a shipment and want to begin tracking, navigate to the Carrier & Equipment section of a Shipment Details page.

Here, you'll see two options for Shipwell App Tracking: Send Install Request and Start Tracking.

When a driver's cell phone number is entered and you select Send Install Request, the driver will receive a text with a link to download the mobile app to provide tracking back on the shipment.

If a driver has already downloaded the Shipwell mobile app from a past shipment, selecting Start Tracking initiates tracking instantly.

For Start Tracking to initiate, the driver must be currently logged into the Shipwell mobile app and allow location and notifications permissions.

For iOS: When Start Tracking is requested, the driver will receive a notification: Tracking has been requested. If the driver has the Shipwell mobile app open, tracking will begin. Otherwise, the driver must tap the notification to begin passing back tracking information.

For Android: When Start Tracking is requested, the driver will not receive a notification, and tracking will immediately begin.

Please note: Tracking on the Shipwell mobile app will continue for 14 hours  once Start Tracking has been initiated. Tracking will continue for 14 hours unless the shipment status enters beyond Disptached and will continue through the lifetime of the shipment (to the Delivered stage).

Driver device types & last login

Once the driver downloads the app and is tracking, the Shipwell platform will display the driver's phone OS: iOS or Android.

In addition, this icon will also display the last time the driver opened the app by hovering over it.

If you have any questions about this new feature in the Shipwell app, email us at Support@Shipwell.com.

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