September 11, 2019

Connected tech: Shipwell brings EDI integrations to customers

Does your company use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to work with third-party tools and software? Well, good news: Shipwell just deployed a massive update to the platform to make EDI integrations easy!

We know that many companies continue to use software that works with EDI. In fact, over half of supply chain executives say that they use some form of EDI in their operations. So, we worked to pave the way to bring EDI integrations to Shipwell to benefit more companies.

Business as usual

The best part about our EDI integration is that it allows you to continue using the systems you already invested in with your time and money.

The supply chain is already fragmented enough. The last thing we want to do is have businesses change what they know to fit new technology. We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel. Rather, we want to create an easy add-on system to make that wheel work to its maximum efficiency.

Bring visibility into your supply chain

Now, a new group of companies who rely on EDI to connect to outside technology can get the benefits of real-time visibility on their shipments by utilizing the full potential of Shipwell.

Shipwell uses ELD integrations, mobile app tracking, and AI-powered check calls to notify 3PLs and shippers where their freight is at any given moment.

The ROI of being able to see freight and parcel shipments in real-time is vital, as visibility is now a necessity for customers.

Supply chain management all in one place

One of the reasons logistics professionals love using Shipwell is because they are able to manage their entire supply chain in a single pane of glass.

Our EDI integrations send tender requests to Shipwell and we can seamlessly return updates to the shipper or 3PL. Our platform lets users build orders and create shipments, auction loads to carriers, track and trace the shipment in transit, and manage all confirmation documents and billing materials. All of this in one app.

Companies using EDI get these time-saving benefits when they choose Shipwell as their supply chain management platform.

Does your company use EDI and want a better, more efficient way to manage your shipments? Let us show you just how much is possible with Shipwell.

Demo the Shipwell platform

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