March 17, 2020

Deliver delight with Shipwell parcel services

There is no denying that supply chains are speeding up to accommodate customer demand. Companies are stuck in a cycle where consumer demand is pushing innovation, which in turn begets more demand. Amazon, who set the standard for 2-day free parcel delivery, is now under pressure to outdo themselves with same-day and next day delivery as competitors nip at their heels. This demand is having a major impact on supply chain logistics, which makes having a robust and reliable parcel solution critical to keeping up with your competitors.

E-commerce purchasing is on the rise

According to Statista, in 2019 the global ecommerce market had sales reaching $3.5 billion, which represents 14% of total global retail sales. Year-over-year trends continue to show that the proliferation of e-commerce purchases is only going to keep growing. The customer experience of having a package delivered quickly and directly to their doorstep has gone from being a perk to being the expectation.

Ocean to doorstep visibility

The best way to navigate increased demand for fast and free parcel delivery is through a platform that gives you both holistic ocean to doorstep visibility, and robust automation to help you proactively address issues before they become a problem. With the recent launch of parcel on the Shipwell platform, you can manage all of your shipping modes in one place to reduce complexity, drive cost savings, and gain real-time visibility of your entire supply chain. You can easily manage your parcel shipments in the same workflow you use to manage your freight, which allows you to be proactive and offset delays for customers.

Instant access to network of trusted providers

You can instantly add parcel services to the Shipwell platform, and onboarding your team takes less than an hour. You can gain immediate access to Shipwell's network of trusted parcel providers like FedEx, UPS and USPS and have access to your pre-negotiated rates on our platform. We are selective in who we partner with,  so you can trust us to get your product to your customer on time and at a competitive price.

Easily manage all your parcel shipments to deliver delight

Through the Shipwell platform, you are able to seamlessly generate shipments from orders and pass along real-time tracking to your eager customers. This level of visibility is crucial to helping you stay competitive and stay on pace with customer demand. 

Along with helping you deliver delight to your customers, you can also use the Shipwell platform to easily manage your freight through workflow automation. You have the ability to create efficiencies through the automation of previously manual and time intensive processes, like pickup scheduling and label creation. The platform allows you to aggregate and automate tasks to drive down shipping and operational costs.

Shipping experience is increasingly becoming part of the brand experience, where a single delay could cost you hundreds of customers. This makes having a robust TMS where you can manage all aspects of your supply chain on one platform crucial to staying competitive in the current landscape. Let Shipwell help you uplevel your customer experience through our multi-modal, fully-connected platform.

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