August 8, 2019

Customer story: How MMLJ uses automation to save valuable time and resources

About MMLJ

MMLJ is a manufacturer in Houston, TX that builds dustless blasting equipment. Dustless Blasting is a cleaning system that strips almost any coating from any surface from rust to paint, without creating a large plume of dust. They build nearly every part of their product in-house and get specialized parts from select vendors. Several small businesses have spawned from MMLJ's equipment and depend on MMLJ to create high-quality products to sustain their business.

The problem: Managing timely shipments while scaling as a company

Because so many small businesses are created and sustained with the purchase of MMLJ's products, their shipping and receiving operations must be optimized.

"At MMLJ, just like any company, we always have supply chain issues. Whether it's getting the parts from our vendors, getting the prices we need, or just shipping out our product," says Jason Cross, Inventory and Process Improvement Manager at MMLJ.

MMLJ is almost entirely an in-house operation. So getting production, shipping, and time management to all work together is critical.

They have been scaling their company and are soon going international and shipping products overseas.

The solution: Shipwell

MMLJ began using Shipwell and were able to reduce staff time spent booking freight drastically. Employees spent less time making phone calls to carriers to book their freight. Now, they can focus on bigger things, like taking MMLJ to the international stage.

Centralized system

One of the most significant benefits MMLJ has seen using Shipwell is the ability to add their products into the Shipwell platform and save them in Fishbowl.

"We can copy all of our online store sales into Shipwell, find the truck that we need when we need it," says Cross. They can then select products, get a carrier to ship out the products, and then track the shipment in a single pane of glass. 

Real-time tracking and visibility

"The streamlining of Shipwell has dramatically improved everything whether it's getting the trucks booked, getting them in here, or the tracking knowledge of where our freight has gone and where it is currently and the delivery process letting us know the freight has gotten to our customers."

The ability for MMLJ to gain tracking information in real-time allowed them to have a better understanding of their supply chain. Automation in technology is a key to MMLJ's operations and gaining access to delivery confirmations when products have arrived at customers.

"In the supply chain, the day is never the same, it's always changing. You've got to be innovative," says Cross. Shipwell knows the world logistics professionals work in and require our tools to stay innovative and reliable for those changes.

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