August 20, 2019

Breaking down barriers: How Shipwell opens up communication across the supply chain

When trying to change the way the world works, there will always be problems. In the workplace, with so many quick decisions being made in a day, it can be hard to get on the same page as your coworkers.

Decisions and executions might struggle to effectively leave the source department so the rest of the company can have information about what next steps need to happen. 

To continue our blog series highlighting the core behaviors of Shipwell, we want to talk about how candid, open, and careful communication helps us grow as a company that is diverse in thought.

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We've got 99 problems, and we are solving them all

We are in the business of solving the supply chain problems of the last century so that in the near future our economy can run smoother and more efficient than ever. Every day we hear about challenges our customers face with shipping, and we turn those pain points into a solution.

While there will always be problems in the workplace, there must always be solutions. Of course, people will have conflict about what solution is best for each situation. However, fielding these decisions makes for a company diverse in thought and willing to move in radical directions for change and growth.

Problems are just opportunities for growth disguised as a roadblock.

Often we tend to try and come up with a solution as fast as possible. We are, of course, a company that runs on fast-paced excellence, but that meaning needs to be unpacked.

The art of conversation

A solution is found at the end of a process. That process involves candid, open, and careful communication.

More and more, we see companies post job descriptions and include the critical soft skill of "being a good listener" in the list. Some people wait for their turn to talk, instead of truly hearing what the other person is trying to say. Good communication is the only way toward being an effective leader.

Understand everyone's interests. Communication is a two-way road: clearly and carefully stating your thoughts and deeply listening and understanding other's views and opinions.

Open communication is essential to understand further how everyone on your team operates. After all, we aren't robots.

Everyone has backgrounds and experiences that provide valuable and diverse insight. In the supply chain, this method of communication is critical because there are so many different kinds of shippers, 3PLs, and carriers that operate in the space. 

Candid communication is absolutely necessary at Shipwell. We want people to share information and ideas openly instead of being too afraid to speak up in fear of repercussion.

Effective leaders create environments for open dialogue to flow freely without hesitation or fear that their thoughts will land them in hot water.

How we pass this along to our customers

In the fast-paced world of logistics, good communication is critical to ensuring all parties involved are aligned.

In the Shipwell platform, we empower users (shippers, 3PLs, and carriers) with a messaging platform to in-the-know about any potential changes in a shipment's status.

Automated check calls to drivers allow shippers and 3PLs to capture key information quickly from a driver, allowing the carrier to focus on the road.

With real-time tracking updates in the platform via an always-on, connected digital fleet, tracking freight is easier than ever. This means less tedious communication for our users, and more time focusing on strategy and optimization.

Ready to streamline your supply chain processes with effective communication?  

Get a demo of the Shipwell platform and let us know how we can reduce time spent manually booking and tracking freight, increase your ROI, and boost collaboration across your supply chain.

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