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Shipwell, a connected freight management platform for shippers, brokers, and carriers, is partnered with FleetUp, a premier provider FMCSA-compliant electronic logging device (ELD) and hours of service (HOS) compliance solutions for Intelligent Fleet Management. The integration of Shipwell's algorithmic tracking technology with FleetUp's FMCSA-compliant ELD and fleet management system (FMC) provides fleet managers with a machine learning platform that enables smart scheduling and routing capabilities, data-driven driver selection and real-time communications between drivers and dispatchers on one connected platform.

The combination of Shipwell and FleetUp results in an enhanced platform that enables fleet managers access to real-time location tracking technology, which provides customers with up-to-date ETA per shipment, and the option to select drivers based on their previous drive times, loading and offloading history, and hours of service. Additionally, fleet management is made simpler with seamless document handling and comprehensive load and shipment instructions shared with drivers en route using a connected device.