Are you using the right LTL freight carrier? Here's how to know!


Many people think of different less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers as basically being the same - just with different colored trucks, but that's not the case!

Picking a carrier is a lot like deciding what you want for breakfast. Do you go with the basic option and eat some cereal? Do you go all out and get the eggs benedict (the Cadillac of egg dishes!)? All options are going to satisfy your need to eat, but some are going to make you happier and more satisfied. Like your breakfast choices, no carrier is exactly the same as the one that came before or after it. Picking one really depends on what you are looking to get out of the experience.

When looking at your options on the Shipwell platform, you get a full menu of options to choose from.

The Budget Options

Near the top of the list are your budget carriers who, like a bowl of cereal or a yogurt will get the job done, but won’t go out of their way to give you much more. These carriers are looking to get your business and make money. They are the best option if what you are shipping isn’t time sensitive, fits on a standard pallet and isn’t perishable. The carriers are great, cheap, but not always reliable. They tend to use 'Volumetric Pricing', and will charge for any space your shipment stops them from being able to use. They are not ideal for shipments that require a guaranteed delivery. They do their best to meet them, but guaranteed for them doesn’t mean what it means to some of the other carriers. All these issues lead to variances, which leads to headaches and you paying more for the shipment on the back end.

Middle-of-the-road Carriers

A little further down the list are your pancakes and bacon carriers, which are the middle-of-the-road carriers. They are high volume and fill up fast. These guys are better at fulfilling your accessorials, any delivery appointments, or guaranteed delivery dates. These carriers are usually easier to deal with, have better processes in place to deal with any issues that might arise. They are better at satisfying your needs. Like everything, there is a chance something goes wrong, it's a smaller chance, but still a chance. These carriers are worth the extra money if you have any kind of special needs for the shipment. The headaches are fewer and the returns greater.

Premium Service Carriers

At the bottom of the list are your heavy hitters. The big boys who cost a little more, but leave you delighted through the whole experience. These are your 'eggs benedicts' of the shipping world. They cover all the things you could want out of shipping freight. These carriers are well equipped to handle the special needs shipments, are not prone to charge for unused space, and have better customer service that can help with any issues that may arise. The price is generally not the cheapest, but like with breakfast foods, you get what you pay for. Whether you’re looking for something simple and cheap that gets the job done, or something a little more filling and decadent, there is surely the right option out there for your needs. Happy eating, I mean shipping.

If you have any questions about selecting the right carrier for your business, you can always email us or you can sign up for the Shipwell service and we'll follow up with you.