Our Story


Shipwell was founded with an ambitious idea: to be the easiest, most automated way for any business to ship anything anywhere.


This idea came from a problem, which we'd seen many times before.

A close friend was managing a small vineyard and he’d spent days trying to find a competitive price to ship his wine casks. (He still ended up overpaying.) Then, once the shipment was in transit, he had no idea where the shipment was or when it would arrive, which was pretty stressful because the shipment was the vineyard's entire harvest for the year!

The rest of us had similar experiences going back several decades, and we realized that freight shipping has never been easy, transparent, or delightful - no matter the size of your business. 

The reason was simple. Despite the fact that over 80% of goods in the US are moved by truck, the majority of the freight business is still offline and incredibly manual.

Meanwhile, there are only a few large industry leaders that have turned their shipping operations into a competitive advantage, but they aren’t looking to share.

We started Shipwell to provide an alternative.

One that fits into your life, adds value to your business, and delights your customers.

Shipwell provides a seamless freight experience at competitive prices without unnecessary complication by automating grunt work, bringing truckers online, and putting everything into one platform.

We believe that every business should be able to ship well.

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